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Boating Changes Lives

Northrop & Johnson is proud to be part of the MarineMax family

For more than 40 years MarineMax has been uniting people by water. The brand believes that boating is a gateway that connects us with loved ones and destinations. While on the water together, you can venture into the unknown, discovering not only new places but also new perspectives that only the water can unlock. Boating offers an experience that’s unique and unforgettable, capable of changing our lives forever. It has a special way of bringing people together. And for these reasons and more, MarineMax was created.

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MarineMax traces its origins back more than four decades, but the brand’s lineage truly began when Bill McGill, the Board’s Executive Chairman, relocated his family to Florida. Driven by his lifelong passion for boating, he set out to establish what would eventually become the world’s largest boat retailer, sparking countless cherished family memories on the water.

Recognizing the need for change in the boating industry, McGill and a group of esteemed boat retailers banded together to form MarineMax in 1998. By pooling their resources, they aimed to streamline operations and share expertise on everything from insurance to mobile boat servicing. This collaborative approach allowed the team to prioritize what truly mattered: enabling customers to enjoy the water fully. As a publicly traded company, MarineMax has proudly upheld this ethos ever since, all thanks to the unifying power of water.

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MarineMax is much more than a boat dealer. While boat sales are at the core of its business, it also serves as a valuable customer resource. MarineMax helps match customers with the perfect boat from its vast range of brands and models through the extensive knowledge and expertise of its associates, brokers and staff. Moreover, MarineMax offers world-class services, including financing and insurance, educational programs, and access to the brand’s exclusive Getaways!® trips, among other perks.

The company is for boaters by boaters. All MarineMax team members are passionate about sharing their love for the water with others. That’s why they provide multiple platforms beyond boat sales to enable customers to share in their joy. As employees and individuals, the team at MarineMax is United by Water, just like its customers.

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MarineMax has boats in a wide variety of sizes that serve various purposes. Catering to its customers’ varied interests and activities, MarineMax offers boats designed for leisure, fishing, watersports, luxury, and vacations. MarineMax boats can accommodate everything from a cozy family outing to a full-blown crewed excursion.

Despite the staggering diversity of its boats, MarineMax believes that the transformative power of the water should be accessible to everyone. That’s why they’ve curated boat lineup to reflect this ethos. Each boat brand in MarineMax’s showrooms carries a promise and a purpose, united by its commitment to sharing the joy of the water with all.

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